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Flashers & Dodgers

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Best Selling Flashers & Dodgers
About Flashers & Dodgers

Coupled with the effectiveness of trolling technique, flashers and dodgers are deadly fish attractors in both fresh and salt water. They are rigged in the line between the lure and downrigger release, diver or lead to provide attraction and impart erratic action to trailing lures such as plugs, spoons, flies or plastic squids.

Trolling with dodgers or flashers produces excellent results because you can cover a large amount of water in a very short time, thereby locating concentrations of fish with the least amount of time and effort expended.

The flash and sound of these attractors draws fish from considerable distances, allowing you to cover a wider swath of water effectively with each pass which is a big advantage when prospecting unknown waters or when fish are scattered.

The big difference between dodgers and flashers is the way they run through the water when being trolled. A dodger has a side-to-side swaying action while a flasher develops full 360-degree rotations. This provides you with two completely different types of attractors, each giving off specific flash and vibration patterns.

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