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Qualia Advanz Big-Water Two-Speed Reel

Qualia Advanz Big-Water Two-Speed Reel
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Qualia Advanz Big-Water Two-Speed Reel

These good-looking two-speed reels deliver straight-forward dependability. Their rugged construction makes them ideal for extreme blue-water fishing conditions. These reels are available in four sizes.

The two-speed transmissions are built with oversized stainless steel gears that surrender to nothing. Push-button shifting is fast and easy.

The frames are precision-cut from solid bars of aluminum and machine-fit to cold-forged aluminum sideplates. The spools are machined from billet aluminum, and the nano-treated Tenex® spool bearings are 10 times more corrosion resistant than regular stainless steel.

Stainless steel and aluminum construction are used throughout these reels. Every screw, spring, lever and part is made of material chosen for the best combination of strength and saltwater resistance. These reels deliver no-nonsense reliability in any situation.

Qualia Advanz Big-Water Two-Speed Reel Features:

Qualia Advanz Two Speed Reel Features

Qualia Advanz Big-Water Two-Speed Reel Specifications:

Model BB's 10x Gear Ratio HIGH / LOW Weight (oz.) Capacity (lb/yd) Manual
Q12-II 4 4.2:1 / 1.6:1 28 20 / 350 Download
Q16-II 4 4.2:1 / 1.6:1 28 20 / 400 Download
Q22-II 4 3.8:1 / 1.5:1 42 20 / 580 Download
Q30-II 4 3.1:1 / 1.4:1 56 30 / 720 Download


Qualia Q12-II Advanz Two-Speed Reel
Qualia Q16-II Advanz Two-Speed Reel
Qualia Q22-II Advanz Two-Speed Reel
Qualia Q30-II Advanz Two-Speed Reel


All Qualia Reels come with a one year manufacturers warranty. See warranty details.

What others are saying about the Qualia Advanz Two-Speed Reel:

"We have been fishing west coast (Norcal and Oregon) albacore with the conventional 2 speed reels for the past season and a half. Typically we run 30-60 miles off shore in a 21 foot WA boat-which means for a reel lots of salt, pounding, and abuse.

These reels are tough. They are smooth. They keep working when some of the others need a break at the shop. We have trolled the 12, 16, and 30s for these tuna-and I think the 16s are perfect for the application. We like to troll the 30s with the larger baits - having that extra capacity and strength adds a little peace of mind in the event something really big comes to play!" - Todd Acres

"During the coarse of the twenty eight years that I have been producing the show and fishing around the world, I have never fished with a better line of reels starting with your spinning series which perform flawlessly.

The Advanz two speed reels are designed to handle any type of offshore fishing action. The drag action is phenomenal, smooth with no skips or lock ups. The colors really off-set the reels from all others on the market." - Dave Hack

"High Speed.. When we wanted to move the boat, the high gear was fantastic because we could get our bait and weights to the surface very quickly.. High speed reels very smoothly..

Low Gear... We had a lady on the boat, and when she used the reel she just simply pushed the button for low gear and she could easily handle the heavy equipment and bring it to the surface with no problem. Oh by the way, she caught the biggest fish of the trip on the Q12-II and it was in low gear...

The Free spool.. The spool had NO WOBBLE what so ever as we dropped our gear into the abyss.. Free spool was very smooth..

The large handle was so comfortable and made reeling a breeze.. Love the handle.." - Joel Brock

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