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Legendary Products Sinker Elberta Clip'er

Legendary Products Sinker Elberta Clip'er
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Legendary Products Sinker Elberta Clip'er

When using the Sinker Clip'er, a variety of different size weight and shapes can be easily removed or interchanged. This accomodates changing conditions, and bottom bouncing structures, and allows for more productive fishing.

Elberta Clip'er Sinker Cliper Directions:

  1. Hold the split ring at the rear of the Sinker Clip'er between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Place the thumb and forefinger of your other hand on the two fins located on the collar cap. Pull the cap down until it clears the slide, turn just a hair to the left holding the Sinker Clip'er in a cocked position.
  3. Open the swivel, add a weight or sinker. Place the Sinker Clip'er on your main fishing line above a barrel swivel stopper. Turn cap just a hair to the right until cap snaps into place.

Weights heavier than one pound require heavier monofiliment line. The distance from the end of your main lure to the stopper barrel must take into account the length of your rod to enable you to net the fish with the stopper swivel touching the tip of the rod. The Sinker Clip'er may be used any distance from the lure and removed easily. The Sinker Clip'er must be removed to retrieve the fish.

Sinker Clip'er Directions

Methods of using lead core line with the use of the Sinker Clip'er:

Lead core comes packaged in 300 ft. spools. It is made up of lead wrapped within an outer covering. Usually lead core is marked in 30 ft. increments by colors. A rule of thumb is 5 ft. of depth would be approximately 50 ft. depending on the current. A nice option is a level wind reel that is large enough to handle 300 ft. of lead core line and comes with a built in footage counter, so that you do not have to depend on the color memory.

The below photo shows the Sinker Clip'er with a cannon ball sinker type weight.

Sinker Clip'er with Cannon Ball type weight.

Good things to keep in mind when using lead core:

  • Lead core usually comes in 300 ft. spools.
  • It is usually marked in 30 ft. increments by color; red, white, yellow, etc.
  • A good rule of thumb is, one color out is approximately 5 ft. down.
  • Recommended size for salmon fishing is 30 to 40 lb. test.
  • It is important when using lead core to attach at least 100 ft. of 30 lb. test mono for backing on the reel. After the mono and lead core are spooled on the reel, tie another 50 ft. of 30 lb. test mono and add a swivel onto the end. Now you are ready to start fishing lead core.

Method using Elberta Sinker Clip'er:

If your riggers are producing fish at the 60 ft. range and lead core is not showing signs of any action, add a Sinker Clip'er with a small 4 to 6 oz. cannon ball weight or bell sinker, letting out the same distance. After giving this method time to produce, and no results prevail, bring the lead core in or let it out using 10 ft. increments until you are satisfied. The only drawback in using this method is the clip'er must be removed as the lead core is retrieved. This is a tournament proven method. It is also a helpful method, when fishing in congestive boat traffic, and an excellent producer. Lengths greater than 300 ft. is not recommended, although sometimes used.

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