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Legendary Products Fixed Slider Elberta Clip'er

Legendary Products Fixed Slider Elberta Clip'er
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Legendary Products Fixed Slider Elberta Clip'er

The Elberta Clip'er Fixed Slider is an efficient way to go after fish at a pre-determined depth. The Fixed Slider stays where it is positioned even after a strike occurs and a fish is hooked.

If a fish is hooked on the primary lure it is necessary to remove the Fixed Slider before boating fish.

The Fixed Slider may also be used as a rubber band downrigger release, using a #31 size rubber band. There's no question as to when a fish hits one of your downriggers when using the Fixed Slider as your downrigger release!

Elberta Clip'er Fixed Slider Directions: (Download)

  1. Hold the split ring at the rear of the Fixed Slider between your thumb and forefinger.
  2. Place the thumb and forefinger of your other hand on the two fins located on the collar cap. Pull the cap down until it clears the slide, turn the collar just a hair to the left holding the Fixed Slider in a cocked position.
  3. Place your main fishing line in the notch in the Pin of the Fixed Slider, turn the collar just a hair to the right until the collar snaps into place.
  4. Tie 50 to 70 inches of additional line to the Fixed Slider swivel. Tie your lure, trolling spoon or cut bait on the other end of this line.

Elberta Clip'er Fixed Slider Directions

Elberta Clip'er Fixed Slider Directions for using as a Downrigger Release: (Download)

  1. Attach a 12 inch stainless wire (#5 in image) to your downrigger canon ball (#6 in image) using a swivel at the canon ball (to prevent twisting the wire).
  2. Following the Fixed Slider directions, place a #31 size rubber band (#3 in image) in the Fixed Slider (#4 in image), and attach the fixed slider to the 12 inch stainless wire.
  3. After letting your trolling spoon, cut bait, fly or other lure out the desired distance from the boat, loop the rubber band around the fishing line (#1 in image).
  4. Release the action of your fishing reel, and lower the downrigger canon ball to the desired depth.
  5. Carefully take up the slack in the fishing line and set the pole into a rod holder.
  6. You will know when a fish hits!

Image Key:

  1. Fishing Line
  2. Downrigger Wire
  3. #31 Rubber Band
  4. Fixed Slider
  5. 12" Stainless Wire
  6. Downrigger Canon Ball

Elberta Clip'er Fixed Slider Directions when using as Downrigger Release

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