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Added Luhr Jensen Dipsy Divers
Posted On 2011-01-23 02:51:53
Added Luhr Jensen Dipsy DiversWe have added 26 different colors of Dipsy Divers to choose from. The Dipsy Diver by Luhr Jensen is the standard for the directional diving planer. The special round shape and resulting multi-directional feature sets the Dipsy Diver apart from all other divers and planers.[ More... ]
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Added Woodstock Line Co.
Posted On 2011-01-19 08:06:29
Added Woodstock Line Co.We have added Downrigger Cable, Lead Core Line and Steel/Copper Wire Line from Woodstock Line Company. Available in spools up to 2,000 yards![ More... ]
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Added Copper Line
Posted On 2011-01-15 23:52:51
Added Copper LineWe have added copper line from Howie's Tackle. Copper line is heavier than wire, with a smaller diameter than lead-core, so lures run deeper with less line off the spool.[ More... ]
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Now Shipping Internationally
Last Update 2011-01-14 00:23:31 | Posted On 2011-01-14 00:23:02
We are now shipping to 20 different countries across the globe! View our Shipping Policies for the complete list of countries.[ More... ]
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Added Lake Clear Wabblers
Posted On 2011-01-12 05:17:32
Added Lake Clear WabblersWe have added over 31 different types of Lake Clear Wabblers. Choose from the popular and original No. 1 wobbling spoon, the No. 3 spoon that's a real killer for Rainbow, the No. 4 miniature spoon that is...[ More... ]
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Added Gift Certificates
Posted On 2011-01-11 19:49:49
Added Gift CertificatesYou can now order Cold Water Tackle Gift Certificates. These are a great way for friends and family to take the guess work out of purchasing for the anglers in their life. Also, a great way to thank a buddy for taking you fishing! Available in denominations from $10 to $1,000. [ More... ]
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Added R&K Spinners
Posted On 2011-01-09 00:49:32
Added R&K SpinnersWe have added several Spinners, Hoochies and Flashers from R&K Spinners. R&K Spinners is based in Oregon and makes some of the finest hand tied kokanee and trout tackle on the market. Their hoochies are considered by many top kokanee fishermen to be the best hoochies made![ More... ]
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Added ProKing Magnum Spoons
Posted On 2011-01-08 07:51:51
Added ProKing Magnum SpoonsWe have added 109 colors of ProKing Magnum 4-3/4" Spoons for you to choose from. The Magnum spoons create a better action with more flash to attract and catch larger fish. Each spoon comes with VMC trebled hooks and can be trolled at a variety of speeds for different results.[ More... ]
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Added ProKing Regular Spoons
Posted On 2011-01-08 01:09:35
Added ProKing Regular SpoonsWe have added 186 colors of ProKing Regular 3-3/4" Spoons for you to choose from. The cupped, taped design of the Pro King Spoon is perfect for catching salmon, trout and other game fish. Each spoon comes with VMC trebled hooks and can be trolled at a variety of speeds for different results.[ More... ]
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Shopping Made Easier
Posted On 2011-01-06 09:30:30
Shopping Made EasierWe have considerably improved the shopping experience. You can now easily filter products by Manufacturer and Categories. Also, you can easily return to previous pages using the new breadcrumb links located at the top of each page. You can find what your looking for faster and with less clicks![ More... ]
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