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Added Chamberlain Downrigger Releases

Last Update 2012-11-15 16:24:35 | Posted On 2012-11-15 16:22:40 | Read 973 times | 0 Comments

False releases and small fish that are not detected are the two major problems with downrigger fishing.  The Chamberlain Downrigger Release and Chamberlain Stacker Downrigger Release from Northern Strike is designed to eliminate both of these problems with its patented two adjustment design. First, the vertical (rod side) adjustment is unique in that it allows the fisherman to put extra downward pressure on the rod which allows you to load it against the release.  This is critical because the instant a fish trips the release , the slack between the rod and the fish is removed much more quickly resulting in much better hook-sets.  This gives the fisherman an almost instant hook up. Second, the horizontal (fish side) adjustment is very sensitive and needs only a small adjustment to achieve the precise setting.  The Chamberlain release is so sensitive that when properly adjusted it can take only ounces of extra drag (caused by small fish, debris or a strike) to release the line.

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