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Pre-Spawning Kings

Pre-Spawning Kings

Added by Stan Kulak on November 13th, 2010

The best time of the year to go after Land-Locked King Salmon is August and October.

End of August clean through October is some of the best Land Locked King Salmon fishing you can get into. Starting the end of August Kings will be looking for their spawning grounds, (Boat Ramp or River outlet). At this time of the year the Kings mind is going off of feeding to reproduction, and this will change the whole game on how you will go after the mature King salmon.

First off - water temperatures are out the window. He will rise in the water to temperatures as high as 70 degrees and will be very sluggish. They will be schooled up in tight schools and at the 30' to 70' water column.

63 to 68 sluggish

63 aggressive

55 to 62 very aggressive

Your key in all this is to find where they where stocked. Most landlocked Kings mature in their 3rd and 4th year. Once you find the school, troll through it from different directions. Persistence is the key to staging Kings. Spoons and plugs will be your best bet for lure selection. Try and remember it's about aggression! That and you will be changing colors a lot to find the right one. This is the time of year for you to put your largest landlocked King in the box.

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