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Learn how to set up a Peanut/Coho Fly.

Learn how to set up a Peanut/Coho Fly.

Added by Stan Kulak on November 13th, 2010

Brief Description of setting up the Peanut Fly also known as the Coho Fly.

This little fly is known by many as the peanut fly with just as many knowing it as the Coho fly. I was introduced to it a few years back and it has since become one of my top lures for Coho , Rainbow Trout and an occasional Kokanee trip here and there.

The fly is trolled behind a 00 dodger, with a set back from the dodger of 16" to 18" and trolled at speeds up to 3.5 mph surface speed. You will find using a heavy leader materiel is the best. If I tie mine with a 17 lb to 40 lb leader, it will give a nice slow roll with the heavier line. Now I have found the Sigg's do out perform the other two, I do believe it has to do with the red thread used to tie the fly.

The pictures shown are my top hitters on all the lakes I fish between Central Oregon and Northern California. Here is also a list of manufactures and their site information:

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