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Crawler/Worm Harnesses

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About Crawler/Worm Harnesses

A Walleye harness, also called a Walleye rig, is designed to take advantage of the best jig and nightcrawler features while suspending it all right in front of a Walleye. Walleye Harnesses can be a very efficient way to catch Walleye, and these crawler harnesses can help you keep your worm at the optimum level and keep the worm alive, so that the fish is tempted. Since Walleye will not be attracted by dead worms, or worms that just hang in the water, a walleye crawler harness will allow the crawler or worm to move naturally, without restricting the worm or causing severe damage to the worm which would affect how active the worm is in the water.

Crawler harnesses can pull walleye out of rivers, lakes and more with not just crawlers, but other live baits as well. Walleye Harnesses can be trolled with bottom bouncers, snap weights, or in line weights, and all three of these methods can be quite effective at getting the attention of the noble Walleye. A crawler harness can also prevent the loss of your bait by smart fish, because the bait is securely attached and can not be nibbled or pulled off.

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