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Bait Heads

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About Bait Heads

One of the most popular techniques for catching Salmon is to use Bait or Cut Bait along with a Bait Rig or Bait Holder. In fact, fishing with Bait or Cut Bait is a primary technique used for catching Salmon across the West Coast from California to Alaska. Recently, fishing with cut bait rigs has become the late summer and fall fishing tactic of choice on lakes across the West Coast as well as Lake Ontario and the Great Lakes.

The correct type of action for bait and cut bait rigs is a roll as opposed to a spin. For Salmon, the bait should make between 1 to 2 revolutions per second. Lake Trout and Brown Trout like a slow roll less than 1 revolution per second. The bait holders and rigs we carry are designed to give the proper bait action with whole herring, herring strips, anchovy, alewife, smelt, artificial bait and more.

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