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Trolling Spoons

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Best Selling Trolling Spoons
About Trolling Spoons

Trolling Spoons have an elongated shape and possess one concave side that makes them "wobble" in the water, closely resembling and imitating the action of cripled baitfish. Spoons typically have a painted-on color pattern on one side. Most anglers who utilize these spoons will use special apparatus, such as a downrigger or a diving plane, to keep the spoon at a specific depth as it trails the boat. A trolling spoon should wobble from side-to-side and will produce its best all-around fish catching action when trolled between the slowest possible speed that produces a wobble, and the fastest darting action that does not cause the lure to revolve or spin. Trolling Spoons are great for catching walleye, trout and salmon.

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