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Angler Innovations LongLiner

Angler Innovations LongLiner
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Angler Innovations LongLiner

A LongLiner™ is a strike-activated release device that allows you to affix your sinker weight virtually anywhere on your fishing line. When a fish strikes, the LongLiner's trip mechanism releases and the LongLiner™ and sinker weight are released and slide down the fishing line to a swivel stop near enough to the fishing lure (or bait) that you can reel in the fish.

The LongLiner™ was invented in the early part of 2006, perfected over the next 4 years, and patented in 2010. The LongLiner is suitable for lines and leaders from 6# test to 60# test (up to 125# test in spectra lines).

LongLiner Features:

  • You can lock your sinker weight anywhere on the line above your bait or lure!
  • Avoids the excessive rod pressure exerted by divers!
  • Multiple rods fishing different depths and/or leader lengths are now possible.
  • When fishing at anchor in current, LongLiner lets you "search" downstream with longer leaders.
  • Suitable for use in freshwater lakes and rivers, or in saltwater.
  • Suitable for all sizes of game fish.

LongLiner Features

LongLiner Positions

For years anglers have sought ways to have longer leaders below their fishing weights and still have a way of reeling in the fish without the fishing weights reaching the rod tip and preventing the line from being retrieved any further in order to land the fish. West Coast anglers who have discovered the LongLiner™ are using it more and more. The product is brand new, being released to market in 2009, so it has not been discovered yet in the Great Lakes and other regions, but it will soon be there. You can be one of the first in these other regions to try it out.

Also Available: LongLiner Weight Hangers

You can hang your lead weight from the LongLiner using many different methods, but the quickest and easiest method is to use a LongLiner Weight Hanger. The LongLiner Weight Hanger is simply two locking clips connected to either end of a swivel. You can make them yourself if you have the right size clips and swivels. If you don't, you can buy them here, preassembled. They come two per package.

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LongLiner Weight Hangers
LongLiner Weight Hangers
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